Oregon Wedding Photographer :: Bennett and Alice :: Camp Sherman, Oregon

One of my greatest joys, having the opportunity to shoot many weddings, is the possibility of photographing a second or third wedding within the same family–different people of course (that kind of stuff isn’t legal in Oregon.)

A had the honor of photographing Bennett’s sister’s wedding a couple of years ago, and was excited when I received word from Bennett that he and Alice were going to have a wedding celebration this Summer, held in Camp Sherman at Lake Creek Lodge–one of my favorite local areas.

Fall in Central Oregon is an interesting time, meteorologically speaking. It’s quite possible to have rain, snow, both or 90 degrees and blue sky. In the case of Bennet and Alice’s wedding day, it was stunning. Stunning if you like high winds, rain (backlit by occasion sun bursts) and sensational afternoon light, capped off with evening candlelight (because a tree fell and took out a transformer–thank God for speedlights.)

There may have been more than a few brides who would have let the weather shake them and possibly lose sight of the blessings throughout the day–not Alice. With her eyes fixed on Bennett, the two celebrated with friends and family by intermittent sun, and candlelight. Let’s also be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a day feeling like a wind machine is blowing your hair just a bit while the camera is on you? It’s fashion baby.

Please enjoy a few of our favorite moments with Bennett and Alice, including the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Dragonfly, who felt it necessary to jump in during the portrait sessions.


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