Oregon Engagement Session : Ranch At The Canyons

One of the coolest things about photographing Oregon weddings (there are many,) is the opportunity to meet and talk with so many friendly, different kinds of people.

Some are interested in photography in general, and many ask, “so what camera are you using? Oh yeah, I use the such and such…”

We’re always friendly, but of course there’s work to be done so we keep it cordially short.

In some cases we get to meet future clients, which was the case at Barry and Melissa’s wedding when Joshua and Elizabeth came up to let us know they were interested in our services for their wedding.

Joshua and Eli are a striking couple (don’t be shy you two, you totally are,) and I noticed them when they arrived as guests. These two clearly love each other, Eli hanging on Joshua’s beefcake arms, the way they look at each other…You can tell they just have fun.

We love photographing all kinds of personalities, couples, etc, but really enjoy those couples who just feel at home in each other’s arms–that’s where you should feel at home, right?

I emailed Joshua after we returned home from the wedding (no slacking on a late Saturday night folks) and our relationship progressed until they finally proposed to us to be their one and only photographers.

Once the “I do’s” were said we set our sights on hammering out the engagement session.

Esession’s as we call them are SO important–that’s why they’re included in all of our packages.

An Esession gives us time to build relationship with our couples which makes our time together on the wedding day much more natural–just friends hanging out. With cameras. And family.

This time together is usually especially important for the guys. We’ve found a large majority of guys are just not into getting their photo taken. It’s regarded as the “lame” part of the “before wedding chores.”

The “I’ll do this for you babe, cuz I love you and want to show you that I’m totally worthy of marrying and I’m setting a precedent, but please don’t push it too far or I may crack,”

I’m happy to report that exit interviews conducted after Esessions show that 100% of dudes we photograph are excited about having us there doing our thing on the wedding day.

They even feel a bit “GQ” afterward. Score.

Joshua pretty much showed up GQ, so there was no hand holding there, he was ready to rock with the stunning Eli.

We met at one of our favorite Oregon locations, Ranch At The Canyons near Smith Rock State Park, a mecca for all things outdoor. The background at this location is a textural flavor of Tuscany and in the evening when the sun starts to sink, there’s no description for the warm light hitting the canyons surrounding you. Photography paradise.

I hope you enjoy a few of our favorite moments with Joshua and Eli–we heart them.

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