Mini-Session Special…

This June I’ll be traveling to South Africa and Mozambique to document some amazing folks working to meet the needs of orphans in each country. While most expenses are paid for on these types of trips, being out of the country for two weeks means I’m not at home paying the bills. From time to time, I like to run mini-sessions before or after a trip to help cover our expenses that don’t get covered.

This June 3rd and 4th, I’ll be holding the mini-session special starting at 4pm, last session at 8:20pm. Each session is roughly 15 minutes with a 5 minute pad for saying hello, hugging, high fiving, etc..

The session fee is $99 and includes five retouched digital files. This is a very good deal. It’s so good that I’m also asking you bring an item for our local homeless shelter, the Bethlehem Inn. You can see a list of their immediate and ongoing needs right here. Chances are, you have these things already or can pick them up on your next shopping trip.

How to book:

*Visit our booking site here and follow the prompts. (I’ll receive confirmation that you’ve booked. If you’d like to have two sessions back to back, please book both separately.)

*Visit our on-line payment gateway here and select the SPECIAL mini session you’d like. (You can pay for two and have a half hour session if that better fits your needs, just make sure you select the x2 option.)

The location of the sessions will be held at a beautiful 5 acre property, tall grass in the pasture, etc…

60361 Arnold Market Rd. Bend, 97702

How many people can you bring?

Keep in mind that a mini session needs to move fairly quickly. While you can book for a large family, we prefer to have a bit more time for those. This type of session will work best with one to three children or couples, or smaller families.

Those who book will receive an email from me with further instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thank you for your amazing support!



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