birthdays, buckles and breidenstein…

I recently was blessed with another birthday.

Just before my birthday I found out I was turning 35, rather than 34.  That’s a whole different story.

My incredible wife, together with my amazing friends chipped in and got me something I’ve never had before, in all of my 34, ah-35 years… A custom belt buckle, designed by local artist Stuart Breidenstein.

Stuart, with some direction from Lauren and friends, took an image of a tree from our website to use for inspiration.  I love trees.  Not just because they help us breath, make pretty noises in the Summer and give homes to little birdies, the meaning goes a bit deeper, down to the roots.

I look at the tree as as a symbol of inspiration, where each person is a branch attached to the collective trunk.  When we use our God given gifts, it naturally inspires others to seek out their own gifts and use them, becoming their own branch on the tree.   I call this the “Inspirations Effect.” The cool thing about the branches is that there really is no end to the growth that can take place and each branch has the ability to become as large as the trunk.

This buckle is my new daily reminder for me to remember to use my gifts to change the world and (hopefully) inspire others to do the same…  So, if you see me around town and I’m looking down toward my, well, mid section…I’m just checkin’ out my new buckle.

Also, with the Christmas giving season approaching, hit up Stuart for some custom designed jewelry.  His work is off the chart epical… Visit him on Facebook too…

Thanks to my better three quarters, Lauren and dear friends for this precious gift…

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