About Benjamin

I believe that every person has a gift, likely more than one gift, that if used can make the world a better place. One of the gifts that Lauren and I have been given is the ability to bless others with emotive imagery. Our photography has been used by organizations to promote their cause in helping the worlds most vulnerable, as well as helping brides remember their fairy tale weddings long after the “I do’s” were said. We truly feel blessed to photograph life for a living.

I’m a man of faith, a husband, a father to one vivacious little boy and one who’s TBD and on the way. I find inspiration in the Word, the eyes of an African child, the smile of the elderly and last but not least, fog. I love coffee more than I should and I count my blessings that I married up, Lauren is by far my better three quarters.

Many of us are still trapped in the cocoon, waiting for our opportunity to fly. I want to encourage and inspire those who feel trapped in the notion that they have nothing to offer the world to break free.

Many blessings friends,

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